A Salty Soul..

I moved from North Carolina to the California coast when I was seven years old and pretty much haven’t left the ocean since. My wanderlust began around 4th grade when I became obsessed with going to Hawaii. I lived in a small, foggy coastal town where frigid waves pounded the sand. I would ride my bike to the local travel agency and collect brochures and materials on Hawaii then I would go home and meticulously arrange them in my binder. Eventually my parents caved, or decided that they couldn’t handle another foggy summer, and took the family to Kauai for a week. Little did they know that this was just the beginning of a lifetime of travel scheming and dreaming..

Now I’m a thirty-something teacher with two small boys, a mortgage, and a marriage, but I still have the carefree adventurous spirit of my twenty-something self.  Although I’ve said adios to hostels and long “chicken bus” rides, and I now wears a large “mom hat”, I still love that giddy, childlike joy of exploring new places. There’s nothing better than the feeling of experiencing something new and wonderful with the people you love.

Hopefully reading about my family’s adventures will inspire you to lace up your hiking boots, throw your swimsuit in a  backpack and embrace your inner free-spirited explorer. Everyone could use a little more salt in their life, whether it’s from a sweaty hike to the top of a mountain or from a day of swimming in the ocean.

Stay Salty,