A Salty Soul..

I moved from North Carolina to the California coast when I was seven years old and pretty much haven’t left the ocean since. My wanderlust began around 4th grade when I became obsessed with going to Hawaii. I lived in a small, foggy coastal town where frigid waves pounded the sand. I would ride my bike to the local travel agency and collect brochures and materials on Hawaii then I would go home and meticulously arrange them in my binder. Eventually my parents caved, or decided that they couldn’t handle another foggy summer, and took the family to Kauai for a week. Little did they know that this was just the beginning of a lifetime of travel scheming and dreaming..
Now I’m a thirty-something teacher with two small boys, a mortgage, and a marriage, that still has the carefree adventure spirit of a twenty-something. Although the thirty-something me has said adios to hostels and long “chicken bus” rides, and now wears a large “mom hat”, I still love that giddy, childlike joy of exploring new places.







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