A Blog is Born

First if you’re reading this, THANKS! And if you’re a parent, kudos on finding the time to read anything and I’m flattered that you’re using your precious minutes to read my blog.

When I told friends and family that I was thinking about starting a blog I got a wide array of reactions, everything from “why?” to “really?” to “as long as it doesn’t interfere with you cooking dinner”.  It was probably the last comment that really strengthened my resolve to enter the blogging world. It might be insane to try to fit one more thing into an already busy and hectic life or it might be a perverse form of self-care, an opportunity to be creative, learn new skills, and mentally challenge myself beyond IKEA furniture instructions and toddler negotiations.

As one who had never even read a blog when I decided to start a blog I had no idea where to begin. Did I want to discuss parenting and have to revel all my dirty parenting secrets or share tales of our endless DIY home improvement projects? While considering how much of my soul I wanted to bare for the online community I realized that everything in my life centers around exploring the world. Our parenting values are intended to produce kids that are flexible, low maintenance and enjoyable to hang out with, in other words great travel companions. We live in a funky, fixer upper in a flood zone and toil over DIY projects so that we can have a mortgage that affords us the opportunity to take tropical surf trips. Our life is basically centered around having fun, seeing the world, finding uncrowded waves, and sweaty, sometimes slightly dangerous, adventures.  Hence the name “Salt and Sol Life.”

P.S dinner was not sacrificed to write this first entry.


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1 thought on “A Blog is Born

  1. Can’t wait to read on!!


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